"asexuals can and often do enjoy sex, attraction and libido are different!" yea that’s nice, but let’s not ignore the fact that the majority of aces ARE sex-aversive. like can we pls not make the ace community as sex normative as literally every other single fucking community out there. can we please.

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inquisitioner replied to your post:People get super surprised when I call a girl cute…

i dont know if you meant to but you just mixed up aesthetic appreciation/attraction with sexual attraction and im not upset but they are different. maybe the people you were referencing did or maybe you did but yeah.

Honestly that was more a matter of me not really feeling the need to differentiate between the two because for the most part I don’t really see them diverge in my own person, except when good friends are involved (I think pretty much all of my friends are cute but I’m not really attracted to any of them)

I find using a lot of qualifying terms to be a bit clunky so I tend to shy away from that in my writing but if it came off as uninformed or, even worse, misinformed, I apologize.

KINDA want to look cool and gruff but the best I could possibly hope for is slender bishounen, and even then I’m probably not tall enough

at any rate I’m too much of a goof for the former regardless of body type



When I yawn

5 second roller coaster

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I feel an emotional connection to Persona and I’ve never even played it.

I have played Devil Survivor 2 though, and that probably counts.


recent leak of a picture of Mega Wailord


recent leak of a picture of Mega Wailord

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When someone betrays your trust, it feels like a part of you dies. For me I guess it was the part that cared. — Phi (from ‘Virtue’s Last Reward’)

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come on and slam


come on and slam

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People get super surprised when I call a girl cute or whatever because, as someone put it, I come off as almost entirely asexual.

Explanation: Social anxiety made being viewed as gay my number one fear starting in about third grade and still having its effects to this day. For this reason, I felt the need to rather obnoxiously state my heterosexuality in as many ways possible to as many people as I could (my lack of friends until very recently didn’t help because I rarely was in a comfortable environment) and ended up coming off as a massive fuckin’ creep.

So I don’t talk about finding girls attractive because for me it’s pretty inextricably bound to looking like a creep.

It’s so weird when people from my old school see me at Sonic or wherever and act friendly because most of them were like

kinda dicks, most of the time

Not like, horrible and cruel and terrible just a rub-you-the-wrong-way kind of upper middle class petty.

Kinda want to pull a Heathcliff on ‘em, tbh. People at the school I’m at currently are dicks too but I’m able to ignore them.


saying “the bechdel test sets the bar too low” is silly because that’s literally the point of the bechdel test, it’s a bar set at ankle height that hollywood is still refusing to step over

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